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We protest the rejection of the Minority Protection Bill for the second time by the Senate of Pakistan.
We strongly condemn the forced conversion of Christian and Hindu girls in Pakistan.
We demand complete de-nationalization of Christian institutions.
We demand justice for young Christian girls forced to marry older men under the pretext of Sharia Law.
We demand a complete Rule of Law in the country.
We demand equal rights for all minorities living in Pakistan.
We demand speedy justice for all citizens of Pakistan


Christian Musicians

Christians’ contributions to the music and film industry are legendary.  Music Director Robin Ghosh, Singer A. Nayyar, S. B. John, Saleem Raza, Actress Nilo, Rozina and Shabnam, are some of the well-known artists who served the music and film industry for decades and are still loved by the whole nation for their memorable performances.

I D Shahbaz

Imam-ul-Din Shahbaz (or ID Shahbaz) was a Punjabi evangelist and a poet (in present-day Pakistan). His notable work is the first metrical translation of the Psalms in Punjabi known as Punjabi Zabur. He chose Shahbaz, meaning the King of the Falcons, as his takhallus.

Sunny Benjamin

Sunny Benjamin (SB) John Sunny Benjamin is a singer from Karachi. He was quite famous for his song ‘Tu jo nahin hai to kuch bhi nahin

Irene Parveen

Irene Parveen singer Born in 1940, Irene Parveen sang two popular songs in the Pakistani film industry with the famous playback singers Masood Rana and Ahmed Rushdie. The low-key singer entered the film industry as a schoolgirl and merged into the film industry as her low voice. Then the singer created a name in the world that will be remembered for many generations to come. In the 1960s, Iron Parveen sang all sorts of songs in Pakistani films because according to art critics and teachers, God had given her such a voice that she could fit into all kinds of singing. The famous songs sung in her voice today Even if you listen to it, your ears feel good. In 1983, the singer of her time emigrated with her husband.

Saleem Raza

Noel Dias (4 March 1932 – 25 November 1983), better known as Saleem Raza (Urdu: سلِیم رضا ‎), was a Pakistani playback singer. He started his singing career from Lahore, Pakistan and quickly gained popularity. Saleem Raza was a classically- trained singer and was more famous for singing sad songs. Saleem Raza’s career suffered due to the rise of singer Ahmed Rushdi in the late 1950s. He left playback singing in 1966 as he lost his popularity with the film composers and moved to Canada where he died in 1983.

Here are the names of some Urdu and Punjabi famous films for which Salim Raza sang songs which even today make a large number of fans nostalgic.

Saat laakh (1957), Ishq-e-Laila (1957), Bedari (1957), Daata (1957), Saheli (1960), Rehguzar (1960), Salma (1960), Gulfaam (1961), Saperan (1961), Azra (1962), Mousiqaar (1962), Aanchal (1962), Qaidi (1962), Ik tera sahara (1963), Tauba (1964), Chingari (1964), Payal Ki jhankar (1966), Noor- E- Islam (1957), Chann Mahi (1956), Kartar Singh (1959), Mouj Mela (1963)

Robin Ghosh

Robin Ghosh was a renowned musician from East Pakistan. Robin composed many immortal tunes in films like Chakori, Chanda, Aaina, Bandish, Nahin Abhi Nahin, Dooriyan. Robin was married to the famous film star Shabnam. Both Robin and Shabnam shifted to Bangladesh in the 1990s.

Please watch this presentation Music Galaxy – Legends of Pakistan Film Music, Feature Program on Renowned Music Director ROBIN GHOSH by Tanvir Iqbal

A Nayyer

Arthur Nayyer famous as A. Nayyer appeared on the scene in the 1970s. He was a famous singer of the 1970s and 80s and gave us many memorable songs.

Benjamin Sisters

Benjamin sisters were three sisters who were famous singers in the 1980s. Nareesa Victor, Shabana Victor, and Beena Victor were daughters of Benjamin Victor and sung many songs on television throughout the 1980s and 90s. They belong to Karachi.

Leo Twins

Haroon and Sharoon Leo (born July 27, 1993), professionally known as Leo Twins, are Pakistani musicians and multi-instrumentalists. Leo Twins started their career in the popular TV show Nescafé Basement. The twin brothers have been a regular part of the house band in Nescafe Basement produced by Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan.

Naghman Javed

Naghman Javed has completed MCM (Master Degree in Church Music ) and is serving as a Music professor. He started learning music when he was 4. He recorded his first album at the age of 10, called ”NANA DAUD”. Nowadays he is working as a music director, composer, singer, and arranger in Sewak Voice Studio.

Ernest Mall

Ernest Mall had a passion to win souls for Jesus Christ and he did that diligently, faithfully, and boldly. Ernest Mall wrote lyrics for countless Christian songs and Ghazals based on the uncompromising Word of God composed them and sang them in his sweet and anointed voice.

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