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We protest the rejection of the Minority Protection Bill for the second time by the Senate of Pakistan.
We strongly condemn the forced conversion of Christian and Hindu girls in Pakistan.
We demand complete de-nationalization of Christian institutions.
We demand justice for young Christian girls forced to marry older men under the pretext of Sharia Law.
We demand a complete Rule of Law in the country.
We demand equal rights for all minorities living in Pakistan.
We demand speedy justice for all citizens of Pakistan



Several Christian channels have been introduced in Pakistan in the last decade.  These channels are mostly broadcasting religious messaging and are careful to not get involved in any political controversy. These channels have served as good spiritual educators for the Christian community and also provide employment to hundreds of deserving Christians. The real impact of these channels on the Christian population should be an interesting research study for the future.

Isaac Tv ( Lahore )

Chairman and founder Pastor Anwar Fazal. Isaac Television Eternal Life Ministries, Anwar began the ministry with only four people and God began manifesting himself through him with mighty signs and wonders. The ministry grew exponentially and by the grace of God, he has the largest congregation in Pakistan of more than 30,000 people. Millions of people have experienced healings from various diseases and physical ailments, resulting in an unprecedented amount of deliverances and salvation. In 2006 the Lord spoke to Anwar to start a Christian television station. Anwar being a faithful servant of God, took a bold step of faith and launched “ISAAC TELEVISION” the first Christian satellite television station in Pakistan. The slogan for ISAAC TV is “Hope for the Nation” and has given that very hope to Christians and non-Christians alike. Isaac television broadcasts to more than 70 countries throughout Asia, the middle east, and many other unreached areas. Recently, Pastor Anwar Fazal has started a channel named “Eternal Life Television Network” which is on 7 satellites and galaxy sat 19 satellites. Eternal Life Television is an English-speaking channel reaching America, Canada, Europe, Africa, and many other countries. The channel broadcasts very powerful and anointed preachers with teachings, worship songs, and children’s programs. Eternal life television network is winning souls, changing lives, and expanding the kingdom of God.

Fazal TV ( Lahore )

Pastor Imran Fazal is a founder/chairman of Fazal Television. Their aim is to preach the Glorious Gospel of The Eternal Savior to all nations of the earth.

Barkat Tv ( Lahore )

For over 40 years, the Christian Fellowship of Pakistan has been dedicated to sharing the Gospel of Christ through its evangelical activities that include public meetings and now a channel by the name of Barkat TV, among other projects. They are passionate about showing Christ’s Love by caring for the poor, the orphaned, the sick, the victims of natural disasters and violence. Strengthening believers through Bible teaching, equipping present leaders, and training future ones.

Gawahi Tv ( Karachi )

Gawahi is a SATELLITE TELEVISION STATION, communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ through visual media. Initially, they began broadcasting locally in Karachi city to a population of 25 million people.

Joshua TV ( Rawalpindi )

Rev. Dr. Tariq John founded Joshua TV on the 1st of July 2018 with a purpose to reach the nations and spread the Good News to the corners of the world. Joshua TV is the project of Grace Gospel Church of Pakistan.

JC TV ( Lahore )

Jesus Christ television (JCTV) is Pakistan’s first gospel channel, established in April 2004, under the vision given to Dr. Javed Rauf. Jctv is founded to reach 200 million in Pakistan and 300 Million people in India and Afghanistan who can speak and understand Urdu/Hindi language. This is a christ-centered, bible-based channel.

King TV ( Lahore )

Pastor John AD Is The Founder And Chairman Of King Television. Pastor John and Pastor Rachel John have served the Lord since 2011. They have started the ministry with 4 people in the room and Lord starts moving and people getting saved. Their heart is to take the gospel in every home, so every home will be known by Jesus.

Good news TV ( Karachi )

Good News Catholic TV was established in 2009 and was the first Catholic television broadcast channel in Pakistan. The cable channel and other Christian broadcasts were banned by the government of Pakistan in 2016. Good News Catholic TV continues via a website with videos.

Shine Star Tv ( Karachi )

Shine Star Tv is a Christian tv ministry founded in 2016 by Rev Asher Mansha & His Wife.

Praise TV ( Lahore )

Pastor Shahzad chairman of Praise Tv and Gospel News Ministries of Pakistan International.

PMI TV ( Faislabad )

PMI TV Channel represents Peace on the Earth. Lord Jesus Christ ” The Prince of Peace ” is the only hope for the dying world. Pastor Khalid M Naz is chairman of this channel.

Feba Radio ( Islamabad )

Feba Radio is a broadcasting network. It is driven by Christian values rather than by government or commercial aims. It was established in 1959 in the UK as the Far Eastern Broadcasting Associates (FEBA, later known as Feba Radio) – associated with Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC) operating in the United States and the Philippines and the Far East Broadcasting Associates of India (FEBAI).

Drama Serial " Dhuwa "

“Dhuwa” Drama Asher Azeem used his leisure time and loneliness to create a Dhuwa novel after the official engagement of Chaman and then sent his novel to PTV at the request of one of his subordinate inspectors or the request of PTV people. But he made it dramatic and played the role of a hero in it. Azhar played the role of a patriotic Pakistani police officer who fights for social evils without revealing himself despite his official compulsions. And he does not desire wealth. The character appeared on TV in 1993 and 1994 And it still haunts people’s hearts and minds. The play effectively conveyed the lessons of patriotism, duty, and prostitution to the readers.

Christian Actress



Maalik is a 2016 Pakistani political-thriller film directed, written, and produced by Ashir Azeem. It was released on 8 April 2016 in cinemas across Pakistan under the production banner of Media Hub. The film was banned in Pakistan for political reasons after being cleared by all three Censor Boards of the country with Universal (Unrestricted) rating, opposition parties in Pakistan welcomed the film for showing reality and the KPK govt allowed screening of ‘Maalik’. Maalik is the only Pakistani film to be banned by the Federal Govt after being cleared by all Censor Boards. The film has a big cast with Ashir Azeem, Farhan Ally Agha, Sajid Hassan, Hassan Niazi, Adnan Shah, Rashid Farooqi, Ehteshamuddin, in the lead roles.