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We protest the rejection of the Minority Protection Bill for the second time by the Senate of Pakistan.
We strongly condemn the forced conversion of Christian and Hindu girls in Pakistan.
We demand complete de-nationalization of Christian institutions.
We demand justice for young Christian girls forced to marry older men under the pretext of Sharia Law.
We demand complete Rule of Law in the country.
We demand equal rights for all minorities living in Pakistan.
We demand speedy justice for all citizens of Pakistan
We support joint electorate system for Christians in Pakistan based on actual population figures of Christians in different cities and provinces.

Pakistan came into being in 1947 when the British divided India and created a separate country for the Muslims. It was due to the Christian community’s decisive vote that one-half of the province of Punjab, joined the newly created Pakistan.

How four Christian votes made Pakistan possible?

Pakistani Christians have contributed greatly to the creation and development of Pakistan. They are lawyers, teachers, university professors, nurses, social workers, private sector professionals, musicians, singers, sportsmen and women, and much more. They are all proud citizens of Pakistan.

Ten Facts about Christians in Pakistan

  1. There is anecdotal evidence that  Thomas the Apostle passed through Taxila (in the Diocese of Islamabad-Rawalpindi) in his journey in India in the first century AD, where he is said to have established the community of Saint Thomas Christians on the Malabar Coast.
  2. Saint Thomas Christian cross discovered in June 2020 made of marble and weighing more than three tons, about seven by six feet in size, was found in the mountains of Baltistan, in the northern areas of Pakistan. It is estimated to be more than 900 years old, possibly being the earliest physical evidence of a Christian presence in what is now Pakistan.


Welcome to Christians of Pakistan

Pakistan is a predominantly Muslim country in south Asia. According to government estimates Christians are 2.5% in a population of 222 million of present-day Pakistan.  Pakistan is the sixth largest country in the world and the only nuclear armed Muslim state.

This site promotes the values, contributions and achievements of Christians of Pakistan.  We will highlight Christian businesses, professionals and promote their products for a nominal fee.  All proceeds from promotion of events, organizations and other services will go towards supporting Hope Beyond Frontiers ( charitable organization’s programs to support the most vulnerable and marginalized in Pakistan.

Church in Pakistan

Christianity is the third largest religion in Pakistan. The other two religions are Muslims and Hindus. According to the 2017 Census, the proportion of Christians in Pakistan was estimated as about 1.27% of the population. Of these, approximately half are Catholic and half Protestant. A small number of Eastern Orthodox Christians and Oriental Orthodox Christians also live in Pakistan.

The census figures for minorities have always been misrepresented in Pakistan and there is general suspicion about the overall population census. We believe that the Christian population could be more than 3% of the population. Even at 3%, the number of Christians in Pakistan should be close to 6.6 million. It is our desire that the Christians should conduct their own census with the help of the Church in Pakistan to come up with accurate population figures.

Our Pride

These Christians have played or are currently playing an active role through their art, public life and professional work.

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3 Christians Convicted Under Blasphemy Laws in Two Months

As many as three accused, belonging to Christian community, were convicted on blasphemy charges during the past two months. According to a report of National Commission of Justice and Peace (NCJP) titled: “Human Rights Monitor 2022; Report on Religious Minorities in Pakistan” published in June 2022, there were as many...



Hope is the belief that our future can be better than our past, and that we have a role to play in making that future a reality.

Floods in pakistan

HYDERABAD: More than a 100 mud-thatched houses caved in on their inmates during the second day of torrential rain in different parts of the province on Thursday, with 20 people suffering injuries in roof-collapse incidents in Larkana alone, while continuous rainfall caused flooding in hundreds of villages and low-lying...

Minorities Demand Electoral Reforms Ahead of General Elections

Before 1999, the religious minorities of Pakistan had the right to elect their political representative through a direct electoral process. The Musharraf regime in 2002 brought reforms and revised the electoral rules through which minorities were given the right to vote for general seat candidates from the majority of...

Natural Beauty and People of Pakistan

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