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We protest the rejection of the Minority Protection Bill for the second time by the Senate of Pakistan.
We strongly condemn the forced conversion of Christian and Hindu girls in Pakistan.
We demand complete de-nationalization of Christian institutions.
We demand justice for young Christian girls forced to marry older men under the pretext of Sharia Law.
We demand a complete Rule of Law in the country.
We demand equal rights for all minorities living in Pakistan.
We demand speedy justice for all citizens of Pakistan

Community Services


Hundreds of Christians have been involved in the judiciary And still exist today Whether as a judge or as a lawyer.

Justice Elven Robert Carr Nelson He has left a deep and indelible impression on the judicial system and political system of Pakistan. Justice AR Carr Nelson was a much bigger man than a lawyer.

Sanitation Department

This profession has become a modern form of today’s Mayo Naspal Committee and local government system, although the people associated with this profession still hate each other as much as they did thousands of years ago. But to run the social wheel, no society can survive by subtracting the individuals and institutions associated with this sector. Therefore, the importance of this sector is an indisputable fact for the survival of society. These people affiliated with the Municipal Committees spread across the country have done their job diligently and honestly since the establishment of Pakistan to date.

OM Foundation

OM Foundation  aims to reduce the poverty level and liberate women from modern-day slavery. They launched sewing centers in Lahore and Sahiwal to help and equip women finding it hard to work in places where sexual harassment and abuses made their lives terrible.


Shanakhat Nama ( The Identity ) Azeem Miraj
Chobes Charagh ( 24 Lamp ) Azeem Miraj